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Unleash your Unrealised Assets

“To know and not to do; is not yet to know”

(Buddhist saying)

In the hectic mayhem of everyday life we are often caught up in the now, not working on the future but also forgetting the wins of the past. We have marketing assets either ready to be re-deployed or re-purposed.

We lose sight of already achieved accomplishments; in effect; assets. These may be physical, digital, skill sets, connections, knowledge etc.

You have already paid the dues for them in acquisition of the asset. Time to stake a stocktake and see what unrealised assets you have at hand that can be easily re-deployed.

“Everything has been thought of before, but the problem is to think of it again”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Unrealised Assets come in many shapes -

  • Connections (Linkedin, twitter, facebook included)

    • Our networks are often much larger than we realise. How can you be connecting with your network in a more productive manner

  • Knowledge from staff

    • The years of combined experience in your staff normally surpasses the entire C-suite level experience. How are you using this gather product, customer and competitor insight?

  • Promotional items in the cupboard

    • I am always astonished at the number of promotional items left over from a campaign are left sitting in a cupboard or warehouse. Even long lasting items have an expiration date due to change of logos and styles

  • CRM- often the most underused resource in an organisation

    • Back in the 90’s every major corporation went about compiling their database with client details. The nothing happened. How are you using your database for insight and engagement

  • Old blog posts/ articles

    • Not only can these be re-posted through social media, you can also do an update on the previous information. Updating old work is much quicker than starting afresh!

Often we go chasing the next new thing (Shiny Toy Syndrome); when we have workable marketing assets sitting right there in front of us.