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Big Baz The Social Roo

A few weeks ago we disussed the phenomom that Big Baz the Roo caused globally in both the online and offline world. Well it seems that once a good thing goes viral it just keeps going - check out the collection media buzz Big Baz has created around the world.
Check out the article for more information on why he was such a success - Rude to A Roo - Social Media with Hop
Below is the transcript from the show.


Sam: Now, an Australian icon is causing a stir this morning. This photo of a kangaroo lying in the sun was taken by Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney. Tourism Australia posted the pic on their Facebook page, but decided to censor the image. A spokesperson said it was just for laughs, but thousands of people have slammed the organization saying censoring an animal is ridiculous. Advertising expert, Matthew Bywater, joins us now. Matt, good morning to you.

Matthew Bywater: Morning, Sam.

Sam: Are you surprised that this joke has backfired somewhat?

Matthew Bywater: A little bit surprised. I mean it was meant as a little bit of satire, and what's happened here is Featherdale Wildlife Park has sent this image across the Tourism Australia to say, "Hey look, we've got this funny image." And we all know on social media anything to do animals, anything to have animals acting slightly human or slightly silly sends a spread. So they posted it and it spread. It has spread globally. It's actually been quite a phenomenon.

Sam: Yeah, I mean it's just a kangaroo relaxing in the sun.

Matthew Bywater: It's just a kangaroo. I think people have missed the satire. The reason why they censored it is actually to almost have a poke at our politically correct atmosphere we're in. They're sort of like saying, "Let's take a bit of humor here."

Sam: Okay. Could it be a publicity stunt? Tourism Australia has since uncensored the pic.

Matthew Bywater: Yeah. I mean Tourism Australia are good at this too. They are really, really big in the social media space. I mean, they have, I think, what is the largest Facebook, Google+, Instagram site for tourism in the world. They are very, very good at this. I wouldn't so much call it a stunt. A stunt to me almost talks of desperation. This is almost their MO, and they know to do, when attracting tourists to Australia to use Australian animals is the hugest draw card they can use, amongst with the beaches.

Sam: Especially a rude roo.

Matthew Bywater: Especially a rude roo.

Sam: It's like a Kath & Kim skit, isn't it? Could this tarnish our reputation overseas though? Oh come.

Matthew Bywater: Probably [inaudible 00:01:46] laughing in the background.

Sam: Some people might be offended.

Matthew Bywater: That's a good point. There's already people offended, but those people may not travel. Those people may not, but there's always someone's going to be offended at something like this. But the vast majority of people actually find it humorous. This has huge shares. Featherdale Wildlife Park has seen over a 10% increase in their Facebook fans since that picture has been launched.

Sam: All right.

Matthew Bywater: And in globally, this has appeared in papers, in TV, online in the UK, in the USA. So this is massive.

Sam: Oh really?

Matthew Bywater: For over what is one little happy snap, this has gone global. [crosstalk 00:02:17] This is social media gold as they like to say.

Sam: Yeah. Isn't that amazing?

Matthew Bywater: That's fantastic. Yes.

Sam: Well, it's extraordinary, and such a simple photo. Matt, thank you. Great to see.

Matthew Bywater: No problem.

Sam: See you soon.

David Koch: Well, they expect us to put pants on the kangaroos or something. Goodness.

Sam: Maybe we could, that could be a ... Doesn't the boxing kangaroo have pants on?

David Koch: I don't know.

Sam: Little hole for the tail.

Matthew Bywater: Well, [inaudible 00:02:38] they remember they complained about that-

David Koch: Exactly right. Exactly right.

Sam: I know, people will complain about anything.

David Koch: Some people are funny these days. Everyone gets so grumpy, don't they?

Sam: Hmm.