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The Future of Advertising is Here

Last week on Channel 7's The Daily Edition we looked at some new advertising technologies that are hitting the market. Think Minority Report meets the Matrix. These technologies are here right now either in test phase in some countries or have already been rolled out.

As with any new technolgy there will be community concerns, namely over privacy and invasion of personal space. 

Of some of the more interesting ones is the Bone Conducting technology used on glass surfaces like windows (clip below). I like the ability of the consumer to opt in or out of the Ad, just not sure of the longevity of the technology given it can easliy be vandalised and if you did want to listen for any lenght of time, it may not be the most comfortable of positions. Also you are missing out on 90% + of passengers that are seated near a window


Facial Recognition technology is controversial one as we don't what information is being stored without our permission. It is used to identify things such as age, gender and moods of consumers and than can adjust the advert accordingly. This allows for greater targeting meaning the ads are more relevant to the consumer and the advertiser is only marketing to their target market.

This billboard in Spain for the Anar Foundation using lenticular technology has the capabilities to differentiate it's message depending on the height of the veiwer. It's real target is to separate an adult message from a childs message, in this case against child abuse

The Mirrus Retail mirror is like a personal shopper inside the dressing room, may sound a little creepy but could be quite useful for the consumer when you are just not quote sure what goes with what. For the advertiser it is the classic "would you like fries with that"