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Superbowl Advertising - Is it Worth It?

The NFL Super Bowl is one of the world’s biggest sporting annual events, with no less then 160 million people tuning in from over 200 countries. This year over 110 million viewers from United States watched the program, making it the most watched telecast in the United States history.

The 46
th edition of the Super Bowl was hosted in the city of Indianapolis played by the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, which the Giants triumphed in a 21-17 victory in a close and nail-biting encounter. However many viewers outside the United States failed to care about the final score of the game, as they tuned in for one reason, and one reason only; to see the highly anticipated 2012 super bowl commercials.

The Super Bowl commercials are one of the biggest attractions of the super bowl. If companies want to get a message across, the super bowl is one place you are virtually guaranteed to gain maximum exposure. A Nielsen survey showed that over 51% of viewers enjoyed the commercials more than the game! Males often rank it as a more important date to remember than their wedding anniversary. Adding to this the commercials are constantly being talked about by the media as well as viewers worldwide.

Super bowl commercials usually take months of preparation and are valued highly amongst viewers worldwide.  In the past, they have been described as interesting, catchy, entertaining, different and are used to play with our emotional senses.

Every single commercial for the 2012 super bowl was sold out by Thanksgiving 2011, and had an average price of $3.5 million for a thirty second time slot. This year’s Super Bowl ads had by far the highest ratings in the NFL’s history.

The prices on commercials depend on which part of the game the commercial decides to be played, with the commercials in the second quarter being the most expensive and the last quarter being the cheapest. Well its not really cheap but you get the idea. Prices of commercials as a whole vary depending on the organization, with companies in the past like Honda who spent just over $18 million all up including air time and production. Whilst a decade ago in 2002 a Pepsi commercial summed up to no less then $15 million with Britney spears costing Pepsi $8 million on her own.

Last year Chrysler broke the bank with the most expensive add ever, and spent $23million all up, which included time slot, production costs and attracting celebrities.  They featured again this year and were one of many companies who decided to use star power to attract viewers through the use of popular actor, Clint Eastwood.  Jerry Seinfeld was also used as the protagonist in the Acura commercial who was a great hit as well as David Beckham in the H&M super bowl commercial. Despite Beckham’s presence in the add, the commercial failed to impress many viewers as it lacked creativity.

The ads that have the greatest effectiveness have these traits in common -

1. Pre-release - to gain early engagement - if it’s good consumers will be telling their friends about it in anticipation.
2. Great creative - there is great expectation, you either go all the way or not at all.
3. Interaction with social media - a good ad will get great viral spread.

Top 3  Greatest Superbowl Ads

1. Apple 1984 - superbly positions Apple as the Counter Culture company

2. Monsters Inc - handing out 125million 3D glasses gained early customer engagement with much expectation and readiness for the ad to show. They gave something away with no commitment from the consumer.

3. VW Darth Vadar ad - humour + nostalgic, 2 winning ingredients for a commercial

Below is a segment we did on The Morning Show.