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Masters of Spin - Breasts, Burkini's & Burger King

On this weeks Masters of Spin - Facebook bans Breast Cancer Awareness Ad, Burger King has a shot at McDonalds, Sports Illustrated goes burkini

Chck out the segment here, transcript is below.

Monique Wright: Welcome back well Facebook is we're talking about the debate last night Dee Madigan was there watching it as well, thought it was really good. Now, and your debate was very good.

Basil Zempilas: Thank you, well I wasn't debating but thank you. 

Monique Wright: But you were the moderator, that was big deal of the leaders of course of [inaudible 00:00:17].

Monique Wright: Okay, moving on to what we're talking about right now, Facebook is under fire again over how it polices rather content on its site following backlash over the banning of an Australian breast cancer campaign.

Basil Zempilas: It's removed advertising for the Breast Cancer Network's fundraising drive, which features topless cancer survivors covering their breasts with cakes. The reason: because it violates, supposedly, Facebook's policy on nudity. 

Kate Murray: It's insulting that they'd ban them when they livestream mass murder and anti-Muslim rhetoric and homophobic diatribes, it's insane that they would ban something so beautiful and thoughtful and supportive as this campaign.

Monique Wright: Hear hear, Kate Murray that was on Sunrise yesterday making a great point, for more on this let's bring in our masters of spin Matthew Bywater and Dee Maddigan, welcome to you both.

Basil Zempilas: Hey guys.

Monique Wright: It is outrageous isn't it Dee? Facebook is saying that they just can't possibly police this because they've gotta put in these wide reaching algorithms. Rubbish we can put a person into space.

Dee Madigan: Every bit of my Facebook page is filled up with bare-chested firemen holding kittens, which by the way I'm completely okay with. Why are men's boobs okay on there and not women's boobs, I mean this is actually sexist.

Basil Zempilas: No quite right, and also when you get friend requests from robots, which happens a lot, a lot of those pictures are very provocative they're scantily clad women in men's cases. They're far worse than the images we're seeing on our screen now yet Facebook has no problem with those Matthew.

Matthew Bywater: Well what's bizarre about this if you look at their community standards they actually allow this. It actually says that nudity is not allowed, breasts are not allowed, particularly with nipples and soforth and soforth.

Dee Madigan: Women's breasts are not allowed.

Matthew Bywater: Women's breasts as you say, yeah correct but if it's a protest it's fine, which is to me a little bit bizarre. But it actually mentions in their own community standards that if it is to do with a cause particularly breast cancer it's okay. So I don't understand what the problem here is with Facebook.

Monique Wright: Given how much mess Facebook is in at the moment following the live streaming of the Christchurch massacre in particular, wouldn't you just do a massive mea culpa and say I'm so sorry, yes we understand this is offensive. To me they haven't gone far enough to say we're so sorry.

Dee Madigan: In fact they've backed it in a little bit going if they just make changes to the ads we'll let it happen. It's like no, make changes to your platform here.

Basil Zempilas: And you know what it might just be a little window into how big it is and how difficult it is for them to do it, it might be that it's just so so difficult that they're playing this line.

Dee Madigan: Or so expensive.

Basil Zempilas: Maybe.

Matthew Bywater: They should say I'm sorry and turn the two Facebook os into two little pink cupcakes.

Basil Zempilas: [crosstalk 00:02:59]

Monique Wright: There you go, you've got that for free Facebook.

Basil Zempilas: And now in a battle of the brains Burger King in the U.S. is serving it up to Mcdonald's and promoting not so happy meals as part of its campaign of mental health awareness, the slogan no-one is happy all the time. So what do you think about this, I mean happiness is a nice message but it's not reality it is playing the man right and their own game isn't it?

Dee Madigan: Yeah but they're pretending that they're doing for depression. If they're doing it for depression then don't use your competitor to do it, this is just stupid marketing. If they think that having a, what's some of their boxes called?

Basil Zempilas: Happy meals.

Dee Madigan: DGAS boxes or something, this is just trite virtue signaling they're selling rubbish food that's probably not gonna help people's depression anyway.

Monique Wright: Matt, what do you think?

Matthew Bywater: Yeah, I agree with Dee and the thing is is they're only rolling out to our biggest five stores so they're more after the virtual impact of this than actually doing any good with it cause five stores, this is about the online play and getting lots of viral spread.

Monique Wright: Moving on now and Sports Illustrated is famous for its swimsuit edition of course but this year the sexualization has been toned down somewhat. Instead, it's celebrating the first Muslim model to be wearing a Hijab and Burkini. Halima Arden was born in a refugee camp in Kenya, she moved to the U.S. when she was seven and now she's gone back there to pose for the magazine. Dee, what do you think?

Dee Madigan: Matthew and I were having this conversation before because we're both a bit [inaudible 00:04:33] on this, partly think yes should be able to be on Sports Illustrated but aren't we just widening the pool of women who can now be objectified cause since Sports Illustrated is [crosstalk 00:04:42]. And this thing, is it sexy or sexualization? And I kind of am uncomfortable a little bit in this space. 

Basil Zempilas: And a swimsuit edition is a swimsuit edition, I realize you swim in part of that outfit but not all of that outfit so the lines are a little bit blurred there too Matthew.

Matthew Bywater: As I say it's actually quite an amazing story that she has, that's fantastic, I just question the medium and Sports Illustrated is classic old sex sells. That's what that edition is all about, the swimsuit edition is about sex sells. Does it really fit here? I'm not so sure.

Dee Madigan: It'll be interesting to see how this edition sells and whether it is in keeping with the rest of what they're doing but I like to see some diversity, it's more interesting than seeing the same old thing every edition. I get bored with the Sports Illustrated magazines I've got at my house, the same thing.

Basil Zempilas: Just wanted to mention this before you go guys, a Pakistani waiter is cashing in on the frenzy over the Game of Thrones final season. Rozi Khan is a dead-set ringer for Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister in the show and is often mistaken for him. Really annoys him so he's now he's playing it up and he's acting to boot for a Pakistani delivery service. 

Monique Wright: That's really funny.

Basil Zempilas: Well why not? You look like someone, he's cashing in, good luck to him.

Monique Wright: Absolutely, and you can't get in trouble for licensing like that cause you are who you are.

Basil Zempilas: You are who you are, thank you guys good chat today.

Monique Wright: I love it, that's so good. Coming up on weekend Sunrise they're about to come knocking and asking for help, see what the Girl Guides are offering this year and how that money is developing some amazing Australian, stay with us. 



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