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Masters of Spin - The NRL re-launch & Skechers mock Nike 

On Masters of Spin, we discuss the NRL's latest ad campaign to launch a new ERA to overcome a tough summer for the sport.

Also in a  David V Goliath battle, Skechers take on Nike, mocking them for the Zion Williamson show blowout with the Tagline - Just Blew it.

Watch the here, transcipt below

Basil: Welcome back. It's gone from bad to worse for the NRL this week with yet another player embroiled in off field controversy. But the game goes on and the organization has launched its 2019 campaign, with the season to begin on Thursday.

Monique Wright: Its focus is on a new era in the sport, featuring the next generation of talent, and even female players from the NRLW.

Speaker 3: I know there's a lot on your mind, you're feeling the pressure of stepping up, of the expectations now on your shoulders. Of the missed opportunities last season.

Monique Wright: But will it be enough to shift the focus from the off field scandals? Joining us now are advertising gurus, Matthew Bywater in LA, and Adam Ferrier who's in Melbourne. Welcome to you both. Matt, they need this relaunch to work, don't they? They have got all sorts of problems at the moment. Do you think it'll work?

Matt Bywater: It's on the right track. They've had a disastrous off season bringing the the women's league back, I think is a great move. Talking more about community grassroots, [inaudible 00:01:14] family, fantastic move. Clean cut players like Tyson Frizell and Nathan Cleary, all on the right track. They got a long way to go, but this is a good first step.

Basil: I think Adam though, we also know don't we? The ad campaign is nice and it's glossy and it's smart and it's a great message, but it's what they do over the next 12 months. During this coming rugby league season, it's really going to to determine where NRL sits, correct?

Adam Ferrier: Not necessarily Bas. The NRL have had issues on the off season, every off season for the last 15 years. It's just part of the NRL. I think the actual game and how the game is played, and the level of viewers, is independent to those issues. They need to clean up all of those issues, and try as best they can. But in terms of getting attendance and so on, it's a slightly different issue. And I think this ad, I actually really like the tone of it. I think NRL's strong and gutsy at its heart, and this ad is strong and gutsy. I think the players, apparently the female NRL players are in the ad, I must've missed it, but they're there somewhere. But I think you could have dialed up that a little bit more, to talk about the equality.

Monique Wright: But are we just putting too much hope Adam, on an ad? As Bas says, as soon as the next scandal happens, more people turn away from the game.

Adam Ferrier: Yeah. This ad in itself, it just sets the tone of the series, sets the tone of it all. It's used for corporate sponsorship and all those kinds of things. And then the other stuff, it just needs to be managed. The ad is not going to manage that stuff. That's not the role of the ad. The ad is to get people excited about the game. And then they need a lot more corporate governance and oversight of the actual game itself, to clean up the issue.

Basil: Sure. And Matty, you're in the US at the moment, the company making Skechers shoes has taken aim at Nike with an ad in US newspapers. It's a reference of course to the top basketball prospect from college basketball, whose Nike shoe blew out, and it caused him to spraying his knee. How is this playing out in the US?

Speaker 3: Pretty much as you expect. The small guy and Skechers taking on the big guy. And it's quite a smart move, because they don't have the budget that a Nike, or [inaudible 00:03:23] have. You're talking hundreds of millions dollars, versus literally billions of dollars. So it's a good play, and the player is still out injured, Williamson. So while he's out injured, it's going to have plenty of air time to have.

Monique Wright: Yeah, Adam got 30 seconds. What do you think?

Adam Ferrier: I love the line, "Just blew it." It's really clever. Skechers have got a history of doing this kind of stuff, is how it stays relevant and builds a brand. Good on them.

Monique Wright: Yeah. I think it's pretty clever.

Basil: It's very clever.

Monique Wright: But having watched that vision though, it's awful.

Basil: It's hard to watch. Good on you guys, thank you.

Speaker 3: God bless.

Monique Wright: Stay with us, Weekend Sunrise. We'll be back in just a moment.



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