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Masters of Spin, Jackman V Reynolds, Coke slip on Delta and Australia's "Thieving Suburb"

On Masters of Spin, we discuss the social media fued that has turned into an advertising opportunity with Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

Also, has Coke slipped up with it's napkins on Delta flights suggesting strangers share phone numbers?

How one typo can really send the wrong message.

Watch the segment here, transcript below

Speaker 1: Two of the world's biggest stars have publicly declared their fake feud is over after a year of sledging via social media. Love this. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman made peace in a new video. Take a look.

Hugh Jackman: Hey everyone. Ryan and I recently called it a truce in our social media war and we promised to make ads for each other.

Ryan Reynolds: Yeah, let's roll it.

Hugh Jackman: Can't wait.

Ryan Reynolds: And Hugh could be behind such a Hughroic company? Hugh guessed it, my friend Hugh Jackman. The loving and caring man who created Laughing Man. Make every cup count.

Hugh Jackman: Wow. Wow Man, that was really professional. It's like ...

Ryan Reynolds: Thanks.

Hugh Jackman: I'm not quite ready to show mine yet, but let's just cut for a second.

Ryan Reynolds: What?

Hugh Jackman: No, it's almost finished. It's just some color correcting-

Ryan Reynolds: We're not going to cut for a second. Let's just roll it. Come on. I can't wait to see it.

Hugh Jackman: It's almost there.

Ryan Reynolds: Go, go, go. Roll it. Roll it.

Hugh Jackman: Ryan Reynolds is a complete ...

Speaker 4: That is funny. Let's bring in our masters of spin, Jane Caro and Matt [Bywater 00:01:06] joining us on the couch. Good morning to you both. So this feud has been going on on social media for a while. Was that always the plan to build it up to this or did they start the feud and then think, oh actually, hang on, we can cash in on that?

Jane: That's a really interesting question and of course, because I wasn't in the planning making, so I can't actually tell you the-

Speaker 4: If you had to guess?

Jane: If I had to guess, I suspect that they started out doing something. It got a lot of traction. They then decided to build on it-

Speaker 4: Yeah, cash in on it.

Jane: ... and it became a bit more organic. You'd have to be a genius, which isn't to say that they aren't. Maybe they are or their advertising people are, to work this out from beginning to end.

Monique Wright: To cynically plan it. You get the feeling that why not ride it in the end and make some money out of it as well? Will they make money out of this? The companies? Will they actually sell more?

Matt: Absolutely. And you've got to look at the marketing in a genius, congested market. People always question celebrity endorsement. In this case, it works because it's Hugh's [inaudible 00:02:00] coffee. It's a great idea. It's a great result they're doing to help coffee growers get more margin on their product. And so it's charity. Hugh Jackman's not making money out of it. But it's [inaudible 00:02:10] congested market and it's hard for him to get traction against big advertising dollars and they're getting lots of traction, millions of views.

Speaker 1: Plus, those two in particular, you couldn't hope for two better guys, could you?

Matt: That's true, but it's-

Speaker 1: They've got everything going for them.

Matt: But it's still a fine line, isn't it? If you try the schmaltzy thing, if it's not quite right, then it can fall spectacularly.

Jane: I suspect that's why this is working really, on a negative idea that these two are fighting. So they've actually completely on the a schmaltzy thing, but we can read the nuance that they're actually obviously extremely close friends, have the same sense of humor and we feel like we're part of the joke. We're part of the friendship. We're part of what's going on and that's the way-

Basil Zempilas: We could try, but we wouldn't have to fake it so it would easy.

Jane: Yeah, it'd be so good! [crosstalk 00:02:54]. Are you as good actors as Ryan Reynolds?

Speaker 1: Probably not.

Speaker 4: We're, not. No.

Speaker 1: Coca Cola has been forced to apologize after creepy [inaudible 00:03:04] napkins with messages were handed out to Delta passengers mid-flight. Now, the passengers encouraged singles to hook up on the plane. Coca-Cola, are usually pretty spot on with their ads, aren't they? But what do you think? Did they miss the mark on this? It seems to have offended people.

Matt: That missed the century. The wrong, wrong time. You know what, 10 years ago, 20 years ago, this would've been perfectly fine. 10 years time, maybe it could be again but right now in America, this is a very, very sensitive issue.

Speaker 4: Would that've been okay, say at a college bar rather than on a plane?

Jane: Maybe, but I think we are now so sensitive about consent and you know, power imbalances and all those kinds of things. We're working our way through a new way of looking at things and-

Speaker 1: Yeah. Isn't this a bit over-sensitive though? Because it was putting your phone number on something and handing it to someone. I mean, it wasn't taking away anyone's consent.

Jane: No, and you could throw it away, but I think it just, you're on a plane. You want to get to where you're going and get a napkin with a message like this on it and you think ...

Matt: It is [inaudible 00:03:58] but it's just the wrong time.

Speaker 1: And a bit stuck, too.

Matt: Right now in America, the Me Too movement, it's a very, very sensitive time., As a brand back away from it. You've got nothing to gain and a lot to lose.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Jane: If they'd made it about friendship, talk to the person next to you-

Speaker 4: Yeah. That would've done, yeah.

Jane: That would have worked.

Speaker 4: I wanted to get your reaction to this. An unfortunate spelling mistake has seen a house listed as being situated in a thieving suburb of Melbourne. Some people suggesting that we're just being truthful. Well, you should name it thriving suburb in Melbourne. So, how many people would have seen this and how did it get through?

Matt: Well, a lot now.

Jane: Yeah.

Matt: The danger here too, is it draws attention to crime, which may not have been on top of people's list. Now all of a sudden, and the stats are out there.

Speaker 4: Less obvious. Yes.

Matt: This suburb has double the crime of the next suburb. So, this is a bad, bad thing that's happening to this real estate agent and to the area.

Jane: But there's an opportunity in every mistake. So what this real estate agency should immediately do is run a small ad in the local papers with someone from their agency writing lines. I must learn how to spell thrive. I must learn how to spell thrive, and they'll get away with it.

Speaker 4: It's funny, isn't it? Thriving is something you normally say about little babies, don't you? So imagine writing to a relative in the eastern states or overseas and get that wrong. Little Johnny is thieving.

Speaker 1: Matthew, Jane, always good to see you. Thank you so much. Don't go anywhere. Weekend Sunrise is back in just a moment.



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