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How Using Twitter can Improve your Marketing Skills

Many companies are using twitter to engage with customers and promote offers to varying degrees of involvement and success. There is another tangible benefit of using Twitter, I think it can improve your marketing skills and here is the 4 reasons why -

1. Be Concise. The old days of long copy are gone, there is too many advertising messages to distract people, it is hard to grab their attention and even harder to keep it. Brevity is king. Your message must be short and sharp, when you are limited to 140 characters (about 25 words) you must focus on what it the most important information only - no waffle or self serving glorification.

 2.  Be Interactive. Most above the line advertising is a one way street, your message is pumped out there with no way of the consumer communicating back. Twitter is really meant for engagement, the power here (and danger) is that engagement is the best way to build brand loyalty. So when you are using Twitter look to create points of engagement not a one way shout out.

 3.Be Interesting.  Retweets mean our message can be spread - so look for newsworthy type stuff. The underlying message here is that if it is interesting enough for someone to spread it by twitter then it is going to be interesting enough for people to read and absorb. Think what is interesting for the audience, this is a selfless rather than a selfish action.


4. Be Niche. While there is almost 500 million twitter accounts,  you first line of contact is only to your followers. You are “niching” to a small tribe which is far easier  and productive as the message is more likely to resonate with the audience as the message is not too generic. Remember your followers will have followers just like them, these are  the type of people who you want to build your following on.


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