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Keeping your Brand Fresh

Last week on The Morning Show we discussed UGG Australia’s new advertising campaign targeting men which features NFL star Tom Brady. The discussion centred around the question of “is UGG Australia’s new look un-Australian or is it the logical next step?”. I joined Shane Stedman, the original trademark holder of UGG boots to discuss this issue and an issue much more relevant than this; is brand transformation the right move for UGG Australia?

The UGG boot has been adapted from its original use as a shoe designed to keep surfer’s feet warm upon leaving the water, to a must-have fashion statement worn by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Sarah Jessica Parker. Check out the video below of UGG Australia’s new image - UGG Australia For Men.

If you can’t see the video - click here -

This change in image to a more masculine, rugged look will allow UGG Australia to target a whole new segment of the shoe market. Currently only about 10% of sales of the UGG Australia brand go to men and children. Their new campaign and look is in part a transformation and modernisation of their brand and also a line extension (introduction of slippers, urban shoes and outdoor boots) into this new market.

This is a common and strategic move by UGG Australia as they are following the logical extension of a brand. That is, create a brand, sell a single product (UGG boots) and make that product big. Once that has been achieved look for ways of leveraging that good brand will into other products.

UGG Australia’s choice to use Tom Brady as their celebrity endorsement is also a strategic move. If their target market were Australian men then an Australian sports star would have been appropriate. However that is not the case, the target market is American men and the American market is different to that of Australia. For starters they don't easily understand the Australian sense of humour and most of our sports stars would not be known to the general populace in the US. Really there are only few Australians that could pull off this image in an American market, and those that could are actors and not sports stars e.g. Russell Crowe or Hugh Jackman.

Refreshing your own brand

What can we learn from UGG Australia’s reinvention? How can you improve your brand’s image?

These questions are important to ask to ensure your brand stays competitive and modern in today’s business environment. Your brand helps establish or imprint a perception about your firm however just because your brand has an existing identity it’s a mistake to believe it’s the right identity. Redesigning your brand, providing it with a modern touch can help to instantly change internal and external perceptions about your brand and help strategically reposition its standing in the marketplace. It takes time to develop brand recognition, by keeping elements or a flavour of your previous brand you appear to be true to your roots, while moving to the future. This allows you to retain current customer loyalty while appealing to new audiences.

It is important that once you do refresh your brand’s look that you develop a strategic plan for re-launching your brand, including internal marketing as well as outgoing staged promotional activity, such as; PR, advertising, sponsorships, stationery and literature updates and e-campaigns.  This is key if you want to capitalise on your reputation and gain the competitive edge.

To view the entire segment of The Morning Show and to hear more of what I had to say on the topic watch the video below.

If you can't see the video - Click here -


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