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Sex Sells?


But does it sell your product?

Sex sells is often stated as the #1 Rule of Advertising. Everywhere we go we are surrounded by them, on TV, in magazines, on billboards and even in Japanese children's comics!

Sex appeal can increase the effectiveness of an ad or commercial because it attracts the customer's attention. We are more likely to remember sexual imagery than other types. However, misuse can be costly. Many campaigns that were found to be offensive have had negative affects on sales and damaged the brand reputation.

To avoid this, the sexual content in advertising must be appropriate and related to the product category and have a proper underlying message.

 What is it that makes sex sell?

Great advertisers consider not only the attention-getting power of an advertisement or commercial, but also what kind of emotional response it provokes in customers.

1) Emotions sell products
2) When we identify with something we buy it
3) Sex is the second strongest psychological appeal, a basic human emotion that appeals to everyone

Sex sells to both men and women. But in different ways. When it's a woman's product and there's a sexual nature to the ad, it's important that she is in the empowered role. When women see an ad they think: 'That couldn't be me.' So it is important to send her the message: 'with this product, that could be you.'
Men are different from women. When men see a sexy ad, they think: 'That could be me.' They'll take it however they can get it.

Remember, attractiveness gets positive responses, but nudity and graphic erotic content are controversial. If you use the last two, it is no longer appealing to our emotions and can have a negative impact on your brand.

Another factor to remember is the cultural or religious nature of your target market, recently on Sunrise we came across some controversial ads using the "Sex Sells" strategy in India - check out the clip below.

if you can't veiw the video - click here -

Of the 2 examples below, one has taste and absolute relevance to the brand and one does not - I'll leave it up to you to decide.


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